What We Offer

ABA Therapy & Consulting Services provides individualized treatment and consultation services for autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders.

Services provided include:

Following a client’s initial assessment, an individualized ABA program will be developed. This program will outline the client’s plan of care and services will be categorized in accordance with the BACB Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The two models include Focused or Comprehensive treatment.

Focused ABA refers to treatment provided directly to the client for a limited number of behavioral targets. It is not restricted by age, cognitive level, or co-occurring conditions.

Comprehensive ABA refers to treatment of the multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning. Maladaptive behaviors, such as noncompliance, tantrums, and stereotypy are also typically the focus of treatment.

All behaviors occur for a reason. The purpose of a FBA is to determine the function of the behavior, why the behavior is occurring. Once the function of a behavior is identified, an intervention is developed. This process also allows for the development of functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.

Training of parents and other caregivers is an integral part of a client’s ABA program. As stated by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), training emphasizes skills development and support so that caregivers become competent in implementing treatment protocols across critical environments.

Social Skills groups will be offered periodically. These groups provide children with the opportunity to practice communication and problem solving skills with peers.